Amret Microfinance Institution - Mobile Saving Collection

Mobile Saving Collection


Mobile Saving Collection enables Amret’s customers to perform deposit and withdrawal on their account directly from their home or business place via dedicated Amret’s staff. This service allows customers to access their cash safely and conveniently.

*Note: The Mobile Account is for Individual Customer only

1- To open Mobile Account with Amret, please follow below simple steps:

bulletCall to Amret’s staff or Amret’s Call Center to agree on scheduling and place to meet

bulletCustomer is required to bring along with:

      bulletValid identification document such as: National ID, Passport, Driving license or Family book with photo (Owner).

      bulletValid Mobile Phone number.

2-  Advantages

bulletSafe and convenience.
bulletEasy access through Door Step Services at customer’s venue.
bulletFlexible deposit sizes – respects the micro-amounts.
bulletMultiple choice currencies KHR, USD and THB.
Support and consult to customers in reaching aspirational goals