Amret gladly announces renewal of its Smart Campaign CPP certificate

Two years after having received certificate from Smart Campaign in 2016, Amret continues to prove its dedication to treat its clients responsibly and protecting them from harm by applying Client Protection Principle (CPP). The announcement of CPP renewal was made on 19 February 2019 after the mid-term review by M-CRIL, one of the Smart Campaign auditors.

Today we gladly announce that Amret continues to adhere to the CPP and renewed the validity of CPP certificate for another two more years until 2020. We, together with our staff and Directors, are proud to be one of the few 100 MFIs in the globe to pledge this certificate”, said Mr. Dos Dinn, CEO of Amret.

The Smart Campaign encourages MFIs to prioritize customer protection, through adhesion to seven core principles namely: 1/ appropriate product design and delivery, 2/ prevention of over indebtedness, 3/ transparency, 4/ responsible pricing, 5/ fair and respectful treatment of clients,, 6/ privacy of client data and 7/ mechanisms for complaint resolution. It works globally to create an environment in which financial services are delivered safely and responsibly to low-income clients.
The renewed certificate offers public recognition that Amret fulfills its core mission by serving low and middle-income clients, in a very responsible manner for the sake of improving their lives and businesses. Amret is accountable for holding policies and guidelines to high international standard.
“This CPP certificate is one of our numerous initiatives to contribute to a responsible and sustainable microfinance sector in Cambodia. We are committed to continue working in partnership with the Royal Government of Cambodia representing the National Bank of Cambodia, Cambodian Microfinance Association and other key national and international stakeholders to pursue successful financial inclusion on the long term in the country”, concluded Mr. Dos Dinn.