Digital Banking: Not only a bank, but a financial helper, at your fingertips

Download Amret mobile app App store & Google Play to send money (to Pipay, to Wing, to anyone who can cash out in our ATMs without a card, to other banks), pay ( Bills, phone top up), follow up your financials and accounts, get useful information for your business, request for a personal or business loan, get in touch with our staff at anytime, and much more!

If you are a biller (Electricity, Water); save time and money with benefiting from our bill payment service

You can also send money to your Amret account from your Wing or Pipay wallets.

Easy to use; our staff in branches and in the field are there to explain your everything if you wish to download and use the app

Place a loan request on the app and Amret gets back to you in less than 48 h

Always evolving to offer you more convenience, services and useful information

High security features

Transfers to other Amret accounts for free

App is Free

Service Type Fee Charge
Maintenance Fee Free
Transfer to own accounts Free
Account to other account Free
Transfer to ATM Free
Transfer to other bank (FAST) ​​​​
Tier Amount Fee
≤ 4,000,000 KHR 4,000 KHR
> 4,000,000 - 20,000,000 KHR 8,000 KHR
> 20,000,000 - 40,000,000 KHR 12,000 KHR
Bill payment Free or charge depend on each billers contract
Phone top up Free
Transfer to E-wallet WING 1 USD - 500 USD Free
500.01USD - 1,000USD 0.50USD
Transfer to E-wallet Pi Pay Free
** Amret reserves the right to change fees without prior notice.
Transaction Limitations
Service Type Min amount limit/Transaction Max amount limit/Transaction Max amount limit/day
Transfer to own account within Amret Any amount Unlimited Unlimited
Transfer to other account within Amret មិនកំណត់ KHR 80 M
USD 20,000
THB 800,000
KHR 400 M
USD 100,000
THB 4,000,000
Transfer to ATM USD 10
KHR 10,000
KHR 400,000
USD 500
KHR 10 M
USD 2,500
Transfer to other bank (FAST) Any Amount KHR 40M Unlimited
Bill payment (PiPay & E-Power) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Phone top up $1 $50 Unlimited
Bank-to-wallet WING KHR 4,000
USD 1,000
USD 2,500
Bank-to-wallet PiPay KHR 4,000
USD 1,000
USD 2,500
** Amret reserves the right to change service fees, transaction size without prior notice.