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Amret is one of the leading microfinance institution in Cambodia. Amret’s website is Every user and viewer of Amret’s website is governed by the terms in the Privacy Policy of Amret. Therefore, user and viewer shall read and agree with the Privacy Policy before providing your personal information. Amret may gather and use this information for the purpose which it is provided for, including the KYC (Know Your Customer) purpose when you aim to use Amret’s products and services. All the personal information you provided to Amret will be kept in confidential. Amret reserves the right to update and revise any parts of this Privacy Policy without prior notification to the user and viewer of Amret’s website.


Amret reserves all the copyright in its website. No any materials contained in this website may be reproduced, distributed, transformed or transferred in any form by any means to third party without prior written consent from Amret.

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Amret’s website may contain some links or signs which lead the user and viewer to other websites of other companies and institutions. Nonetheless, Amret will not be responsible for any content, statement, graphic and materials in those websites