Research Proposal Opportunities

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, Amret has set up a Thesis Research Program for domestic undergraduate students to do preliminary research in their area of interest. Applicants can choose any topic but not cash operations or information technology. Amret has six operating divisions which administer 15 departments. We can provide many technical and institutional documents in areas related to proposed research topics in accordance with the terms and conditions of Amret policy.

Documents required

Research proposal, student name(s), contact details (email, telephone)

A questionnaire to gather information from Amret (maximum 30 questions)

Supporting Amret documents required for proposed research topic (list the types of documents, information and data you need)

Copies of Khmer identity card(s) and Baccalaureate Certificate(s) (verified by Phnom Penh Municipality)

How to Apply

Applicants should send the requested documents to [email protected]

Note: Submitted applications need to be complete, correct and contain all the documents requested by Amret. If this is not the case an application will be considered non-eligible.