Bill Payment

Bill Payment is one of Amret new products which was launched since June, 2014.

Condition and Advantages for Supplier:

‣ Just sign agreement with Amret.
‣  Open one new Happy Account or using their own existing Happy Account to proceed the service.
‣  Issue invoice and inform all consumers to pay fee at any Amret branches.
‣  Save cost from hiring staff to serve clients.
‣  Easy to manage cash collected (all cash collected is automatically to transfer to supplier account in Amret).
Earn the interest from your saving account​.
‣  Can check the bill payment transact via account statement produced by Amret and smart phone.

Bill Payment Fee:

Type of Service Fee/Invoice Paid fee by
Electricity, Water, Cable TV, etc Negotiable Price It could be paid by supplier or consumer (Based on agreement)

Condition and Advantages for Consumer:
‣  Just come to the nearest Amret office to pay the bill.
‣  There are two options for paying the bill: paid by cash or paid via Happy Account.
‣  Easy to pay the bill (Amret has branches nationwide).

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