A newly service initiated by the National Bank of Cambodia and in cooperation with banks and MDIs in order to provide convenience fund transfer service and payment in Khmer Riel across partner banks and MDIs.

Condition Description
Currency Riel (only))
Maximum transfers amount per transaction 40,000.000 KHR
Transfer fee Amount (Riel) Fee (Riel)
≤ 4 million 4,000
> 4 million to 20 million 8,000
> 20 million to 40 million 12,000
Cost bearer Sender is obliged to pay the transfer fee
Condition Receiver shall have one account at one of the partner commercial banks or MDIs
Fast Payment members Banks: ACLEDA Bank, ABA, Bank Investment and Development Cambodia, Cambodian Public Bank, ICBC Bank, Cambodia Post Bank, Sathapana Bank, Canadia Bank, Phillip Bank, ANZ Royal Bank, May Bank, Cathay United Bank, Phnom Penh Commercial Bank, Union Commercial Bank, Sacombank, Cambodia Mekong Bank, Kookmin Bank, Honng Leong Bank, Cambodian Commerce Bank, Bangkok Bank, Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, Cambodia Asia Bank, Bank of chaina (Hong Kong), Vattanac Bank, First Commercial Bank, Kasikon Bank, Taiwan Cooperative Bank(Phnom Penh Branch), RHB Indochina BankLimited, Mega International Comercial Bank (Phnom Penh Branch), Booyoung Khmer Bank, BRED Bank,  CIMB Bank and FTB.
MDIs: Amret, PRASAC, HKL, KREDIT, AMK , VisionFundand LOLC (Cambodia) PLC .

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