2017 Amret receives a GOLD Certificate for Tax Compliance from GDT, valid for 2017-18, deploys ATMs in 20 branches, and joins the National Shared Switch scheme. With the launch of short-term business loans, Amret can offer a complete set of solutions for SMEs. Advans Myanmar, with technical assistance from Amret, opens its first branch 2016 in April.
2016 Amret is awarded a UN Capital Development Fund grant on 14 October to expand women’s financial inclusion through digital finance.
2015 Amret rolls out mobile financial services in August after becoming a full-subsidiary of the Advans group in March. Advans SA, FMO and IFC buy out GRET and Proparco. Amret participates in Advans internal and external 10-year anniversary celebrations.
2014 Roll out of Amret’s T24 core banking system and of the AgriFin loan.
2013 Amret rolls out SME loans and pilots AgriFin, a rural loan product to provide small and medium-scale agricultural entrepreneurs with the capital needed to expand their activities.
2012 Advans SA buys out Oikocredit, increasing its share to 44.42% of the capital. Amret strengthens its cash flow-based methodology for individual credit and pilots its SME lending product.
2009 Amret obtains a license to operate as a deposit-taking MFI in January. By the end of the year, all Amret branches are ready to begin the collection of public savings.
2008 Advans becomes lead shareholder and “influential shareholder” as per Cambodian Banking Law, with 31.32% of the capital. SIDI and I&P exit as shareholders and Amret admits three new investors: FMO, Oikocredit and Proparco.
2007 Botta (Amret’s staff investment company) becomes a shareholder.
2006 Advans SA SICAR becomes a shareholder. Advans SA is a venture capital investment company created in 2005 by Horus Development Finance with the participation of major international financial institutions EIB, KfW, IFC, AFD, FMO and CDC.
2004 EMT is renamed "Amret" on 14 June 2004; LFP buys out Proparco.
2003 I&P joins EMT as a new shareholder.
2002 EMT legally admits two new shareholders, LFP and Proparco, with a combined 20% of the capital.
2001 EMT receives its MFI license from the National Bank of Cambodia.
2000 With technical support from Horus-Development Finance, the project is transformed into a private limited company, EMT, with registered share capital of KHR330 million and two shareholders, GRET and SIDI.
1991 GRET, a French NGO, sets up an experimental project to deliver microcredit to the rural population of Cambodia. The first experimental phase is launched with a single financial service known as Solidarity Credit.

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