Amret has a group of shareholders who set up a board of directors. The Board members are selected and appointed by shareholders with an approval from Central Bank based on their qualification, complementary skills and experiences, especially in banking, Finance and Microfinance. The board has set up its two committees, namely Audit committee, Risk Oversight committee and Compensation committee.

By March 2015, Amret employs 2,969 staff members, into 3 groups whom we categorized based on their nature of functions in the company: Management team, Operation staff and support staff.

The management team consists of 14 people, most of who have been promoted internally and some are recruited externally to meet institutional requirements. The top managers had obtained mostly Master degree and had long experiences in Microfinance. For Branch managers, they mostly completed BBA degree, while most Provincial Managers and Management Staff meet the requirements of MBA degree.

Internal Audit team is under direct supervision of Audit Committee which is a Board committee. The internal audit team reports directly to the Audit committee.

With staff rapidly increasing, Human Resource department prioritizes its commitment to furnish staff with Training, Capacity development, Corporate Values, Culture and Ethics, along with Career Management in order to insure staff integration and upgrading staff capacity


Shareholders Number of Share Percentage(%) Face Value1,360,000/Share (000) Riels
Advans Luxembourg 4,416 52.78% 6,005,760
IFC Member of the World Bank 1,673 19.99% 2,275,280
FMO Netherlands 1,673 19.99% 2,275,280
LFP French Invest. Co. 340 4.06% 462,400
Botta Cambodia 265 3.17% 360,400
Total 8,367 100% 11,379,120

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Amret’s Operations Area


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