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Amret Celebrated International Children Day 1 June 2015

Amret sees and expects children to have a brighter future. We know that since the Kingdom of Cambodia has emerged from the chronic civil war, the Royal Government of Cambodia has focused on improving and restoring all sectors in order to develop and prosper the country like others in the world. The Royal Government also has taken all efforts to fight the poverty and eliminate illiteracy, which are parts of its reforms to develop more human resources with higher education.

01 June 2015 is an exciting event of International Children’s Day when not only the Kingdom of Cambodia but also countries acrossGOC-KT the globe are celebrating the day. Today, Amret Micro-finance, led by Mr. Nuon Vanny, Deputy Head of Marketing Department, high representative of Mr. Chea Phallarin, CEO of Amret, and his colleagues, are bringing some school materials as small gifts for orphaned children, who are studying with Children Love Fund, located in Sangkat Boeung Tumpun, Khan Meanchey of Phnom Penh. The school materials include pens, notebooks, pencils, rubbers, pencil sharpeners, and some books to be kept in the organization’s library. In their welcome speeches, Mr. Nuon Vanny, Deputy Head of the Marketing Department, and Mr. Seng Socheath, who is President and founder of the Children Love Fund, which is based in Phnom Penh and some other provinces, said that “Most of the children here are from poor and vulnerable families, whose parents could only make from hand to mouth. Their parents work as scavengers to make a living”. “They are not as fortunate as others because they could not afford good schooling. Other children are lucky to go to good school. Unlike other children, sometime, they are forced to drop school since the age of 7 to 8 and to engage in scavenging and other labors as possible while they are supposed to be in school. This shows that livelihood problem has pushed them to help their parents with income generation in order to survive. Some of the children in the center are orphaned without care-givers. They have moved into the center for food and studies because they have no one to turn to as they are still too young and do not know about the world yet. Some of the children even call me “Daddy” and regard me as their own father”. He added.

Having been aware of the story above, we are saddened and so sorry for the children whose lives are not as fortunate as our children’s and have faced many difficulties in lives at a young age. However, we hope these children will have a brighter future and high education by the efforts and guide of the Children Love Fund.

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