Personal Convenient account: how transacting and paying become simple

Easily open a free Convenient Account as your personal or business account for safe everyday banking. On top: you get up to 3.5% interest!
Whenever you want, wherever you want, deposit, withdraw, pay, or transfer through 150+ branches, more than 1200 national shared switch ATMs, Amret Mobile App App store & Play store, 160+ Amret mobile saving officers, 10000+ agents (Wing, True Money)

With your ATM card, withdraw and transfer for Free in all Amret ATMs , or use shared switch 1200+ ATM with CSS sigh . You can also pay in shops and super markets equipped with a CSS PoS terminal

24h/ 7days operations through digital banking

See where you are and manage your budget through Amret mobile app App store & Play store, or print your mini statement and check balance in Amret ATMs

Only 3USD minimum opening balance

Gain a competitive interest rate

Access our mobile teller service to save every day at your doorstep if you wish to

How to open an account

Visit your nearest Amret's branch

Present valid identification such as your ID card, passport, driving license or family book with photo, etc

Our staff will help you fill in an application form

You will receive a savings passbook or certificate

More information...
Currency KHR USD THB Annual Interest Rate
Account Balance ≤ 400,000 ≤ 100 ≤ 4,000 0.50%
400,000 to 20,000,000 100 to 5,000 4,000 to 200,000 1.00%
20,000,000 5,000 200,000 3.50%
**Amret reserves the right to change conditions without prior notices.

Account balance if ATM card is requested

Conditions KHR USD THB
Initial deposit amount (Green card) 40,000 10 400
Initial deposit amount (Gold card) 2.000.000 500 20
On-going balance (Green card) 20 5 200
On-going balance (Gold card) 200 50 2
** Amret reserves the right to change conditions without prior notices.

Primary and Supplementary Initial Issuance (Instant Card) Free
Primary and Supplementary Initial Issuance (Personalized Card) 20,000 5.00 200
Card Replacement 20,000 5.00 200
Card Cancellation before 03 months 12,000 3.00 120
Monthly Charge for Green Card 1,000 0.25 10
Monthly Charge for Gold Card 2,000 0.50 20
Re-issue PIN 1,000 0.25 10
** Amret reserves the right to change pricing without prior notice.