Responsibility to Staff
Communication and motivation: To strengthen teamwork and build solidarity among staff and between staff and management, Amret organized several events including the yearly management workshop, the Khmer New Year party and the CEO football cup.

Capacity development: This course delivers core training to new employees which designed to enhance employees’ ability to work independently, the basic training program covers internal policies and procedures, financial products and services, business ethics and social performance management, as well as the Code of Conduct, Client Privacy Manual and Client Protection Policy. Amret also send staff to join international training workshops and study tours in order to benefit from the experiences of other financial institutions. Besides sending staff on international training workshops, Amret also welcomed visitors from other country to join the International Visiting Program to learn from Amret’s Privacytice.

Positive work environment:Amret sustains a winning workplace culture built on clear communication, mutual respect, teamwork, integrity, accountability, recognition, passion and fun. Well-defined Corporate Culture, Corporate Values, Code of Conduct, Sexual Harassment Policy and Whistle Blowing Policy are in place to ensure all staff are treated fairly, and to build positive and supportive work relationships. Amret pays careful attention to staff health, safety and welfare. A full-time nurse is on site to provide first aid and treatment and to coordinate staff health insurance claims.

Talent development: The Talent Management Program is designed to identify and develop high-potential employees with a view to optimizing job satisfaction, employee retention and succession planning for future organizational change. This program benefit for employee to progress in their career, they also learned the importance of developing soft skills.

Staff representation: All staff can seek advice about grievances, whether individual or collective, relating to wages and/or compliance with law, general labor regulations and collective agreements from Amret’s staff representatives. Representatives are also responsible for presenting all complaints and suggestions to management and labor inspectors and making sure health and safety provisions are enforced.

Employee ambition: To encourage and support employees to pursue their goals and ambitions, Amret makes low-interest unsecured personal loans available to all staff which they can use for home improvements, buying a house or land, or investing in business.

Diversity and inclusiveness: Amret rejects all discrimination based on race, religion, gender or political allegiance, and only focuses on staff competency and ethics. Amret provides equal opportunities to all staff and the general public when applying for new or higher positions. Amret fosters a gender balanced workforce by setting a target number of female staff to be hired every year.

Responsibility to the Community
Volunteer and internship program: Amret always provided work placement opportunities to local and international university students and recent graduates. The program gives aspiring young people the chance to acquire practical work experience in the MFI sector and learn about Amret.

Social contribution activities: Amret actively seeks to support other organizations’ social activities and development initiatives. Amret participated in various social development activities to reflect to its social mission and goals

Environmental Performance Objectives
Amret seeks to continually improve its environmental performance across the organization and in the communities it serves. Environmental guidelines and safeguards to mitigate and prevent any harm to the environment, whether caused by Amret’s operations or its clients’ business activities, are embedded in Amret’s Social and Environmental Policy and Procedure. Induction training and refresher sessions ensure that all staff are well informed and updated on policy and procedure. By June 2017, Amret screened 4,080 clients to identify and evaluate environmental and social risks; all of them were requested to align with Amret’s guidelines and sign an Environmental and Social Agreement.

Amret’s exclusion list: This list clearly excludes prohibited activities or businesses in accordance with international conventions and national legislation and regulations pertaining to exploitative forms of forced or child labor, trade in weapons and munitions, gambling, sex trafficking, trade in wildlife or wildlife products as regulated under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wildlife and Flora (CITES), production, trade, storage or transport of radioactive materials or significant volumes of hazardous chemicals, illegal fishing, illegal commercial logging, tobacco-related business, and other illegal activities.

Clean energy: Amret works with the National Bio digester Program to provide a Bio-digester Loan, a product designed to help rural families improve their standard of living. Building a bio-digester plant not only helps them to reduce household expenses, but also helps reduce deforestation, protect natural resources and lower methane emissions.

Ecological literacy: Amret has initiated Ecological Footprint Education to increase the participation of employees and clients in environmental sustainability.

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